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CUE Navigation

date: as per agreement

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Language: English or Czech

Training type: Online

Trainers: Veronika Slavickova, Nikola Chromy, Richard Milek

Course description

The full navigation training series consists of 3 modules. Module 1 is intended for a wider audience, while configuration modules 2 and 3 are intended for technicians who will set up and configure the CUE Navigation and for internal IT administrators of CUE Navigation. 

The individual trainings build on each other and those interested in the more advanced module must therefore first pass the previous modules.

Module 1: CUE Navigation from the perspective of the user

  • This module is intended for a wider audience including our partners and distributors, but also end customers or potential customers.
  • The purpose of this training is to introduce functions of CUE Navigation and its use in specific situations.

Module 2: CUE Navigation configuration (part 1)

  • The training will focus on basic navigation setup – from a cleanly installed environment to creating a working navigation.

Module 3: CUE Navigation configuration (part 2)

  • The training will focus on more advanced work with the editor and on kiosk configuration.

If you are interested in the CUE Navigation online training, please fill in the registration form and indicate in the note which modules you are interested in. We will then contact you with an offer of a possible date.

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