Software licences at a glance

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License orders are realized through CUE Partners

LIcense types

Basic licenses

CUE Solution

Mandatory annual license to run CUE Solution. Typically, one license is needed for one installation.


You can run CUE Solution as a Software as a Service hosted in the CUE Cloud.

Licenses for reserve and navigate


You need one license for each resource you want to reserve. Select according to the features you want. Thanks to the connection to the calendar server account, it is the cornerstone of the CUE Assist reservation application. By assigning POIs and displaying the flat area on the map, it is also used in the CUE Navigation application.


License for Point on the map that has an associated QR code and can be used as a start or destination for navigation in CUE Navigation application.


License for one kiosk instance. Each kiosk is represented by a URL with a unique identifier, its real location in the building, and its settings. The overview unit can be used as a player for the kiosk application.



Select the appropriate add-on depending on what features you want to add to the standard configuration.

Select your licenses

CUE Solution licenses selection guide

This guide will help you select and calculate the number of licenses needed for your premises, whether you’re interested in an indoor navigation solution or in reserving meeting rooms, workstations, parking spaces and more.

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