A wide range of control panels, controllers & interfaces


Main components

What control system consists of

Control panels

Wide range of tabletop, on-wall, and built in touch panels, button keypads and touch-screen keypads.

Control applications

Software for using Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows devices as a CUE control panel.

Control sets

Simple and cost-effective control kits with button/touch-screen keypad or mobile app as a control panel.


Fully programmable units equipped with various types of control ports incl. IP and many control standards such as KNX, DALI, DMX515, etc.


Units that cannot be programmed are equipped with various control ports. The interface has a fixed set of commands.

Programming tools

Easy-to-use integrated development environment CUE Visual Composer for control system programming.

Technologies integration

Support of various worldwide standards

As the market gets filled with modern-day technological systems and gadgets, the range of systems for automation is really wide. Nowadays, you can get anything online – from a wireless audio system and smart light bulbs to a phone-controlled kettle. The dream of a modern person, you might think. But here comes the catch: each of these products comes with its own mobile device application.

No matter whether you are a fan of Apple iOS, Android, or Microsoft Windows, these products are compatible with every common operating system. They are, however, not inter-compatible. The CUE Control is exactly what you need because has one very important feature – the integration of many supported technologies.

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