Indoor navigation…effortless exploration!

These benefits collectively contribute to a comprehensive indoor navigation solution
which prioritizes ease of use, efficiency, and adaptability for diverse environments and user needs.​

Our indoor navigation offers a range of advantages

Effortless wayfinding

Seamlessly guides users to their destination within a building, ensuring they easily reach specific rooms, workstations, or facilities.

User-friendly interface

Utilizes a straightforward interface, allowing users to select their start and target locations easily.

Flexible entry options

Offers multiple ways to input starting positions, enabling users to scan QR codes, manually enter codes, or choose from a list.

Detailed navigation

Provides step-by-step instructions alongside floorplan-based routes, ensuring clarity in directions.

Optimized navigation

Offers the fastest route based on an integrated algorithm, considering factors like difficulty (e.g., stairs vs. elevator) for optimal navigation.

Real-time adaptability

Allows users to update their location by rescanning nearby QR codes if they deviate from the initial path.

Multi-purpose functionality

Not only helps locate specific destinations but also assists in finding general facilities like restrooms or exits.

Integrated accessibility

Accessible across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows 10) through a Progressive Web Application (PWA) without requiring app installations.

Anonymous accessibility

Eliminates the need for login credentials, providing an independent app experience.

Global accessibility

Multilingual support ensures international accessibility for diverse user bases.

Information on the kiosks

Displayable on kiosks, providing information or advertisements when not in use, maximizing its utility.

Convenient access via QR code

QR code integration on kiosks allows for quick and easy access to the PWA app for navigation purposes.


Flexible configuration options cater to specific client needs without incurring extra costs for post-implementation changes.

Operational efficiency

Streamlines reception desk operations by reducing staff workload and minimizing queues in office and reception areas.

Advantages of using QR codes


Implementing QR codes is relatively inexpensive compared to more complex indoor navigation technologies.


Scanning QR codes is simple and most smartphones have QR code readers built-in.


QR codes can be easily added or updated as needed, making them adaptable to changing indoor environments.


Users have control over when and where they scan QR codes, which can be a privacy-friendly option compared to some location-tracking methods.

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