More convenient search for resources in Outlook

CUE Addin

The CUE Addin integrates room, workstation, parking, and other shared resource reservations with Microsoft Outlook. Users can search for shared resources directly within the Outlook calendar, employing filters based on resource properties like capacity and location. 

How the addin works

User interface languages​

The user interface of our software is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, catering to a diverse global audience. To ensure that users from various linguistic backgrounds can navigate and utilize our application with ease, we have incorporated a comprehensive selection of languages for the user interface.








How to get CUE Addin

Use Microsoft 365 admin center

Once the CUE Solution is configured in your organization, the administrator can deploy the add-in for Microsoft Outlook clients.

User installation

Any web or desktop Outlook user can install the CUE Addin himself using the standard procedures for installing addins.

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