Easy & affordable indoor navigation


Efficient Indoor Navigation Solutions for Complex Spaces

Navigating through the labyrinth of complex indoor spaces can often prove to be a perplexing and time-consuming endeavor.
Our navigation simplifies how visitors find their way in diverse environments,
from authorities´ facilities and shopping malls to conference centers and hospitals.

Saving time, preventing stress

By implementing our navigation in your premises, not only is the visitors’ experience significantly enhanced, but valuable time is also conserved in the process.

Actual position based on QR codes

Our navigation solution leverages the QR codes, which are strategically positioned at key locations within the indoor environment – entrances, intersections, and points of interest. Users need nothing more than their mobile devices to easily navigate in the indoor settings. Additionally, visitors gain access to more detailed information, such as contact details or working hours for specific locations.

key parts of navigation

Interactive kiosk

An interactive navigation kiosk is a tool that helps users navigate through a particular location or environment. It features a touch-screen interface that allows users to interact with the kiosk and discover relevant information based on their needs and preferences.

Mobile navigation

Mobile navigation is a web application that allows users to find directions and locations using their mobile devices. With mobile navigation, users can quickly and easily find requested targets and ways to a destination in complicated building complexes without login.

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