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Take-back and recycling

Take-back of electrical equipment and batteries at the end of life

We are proud of our environmentally friendly behavior and we present to you the possibilities of how you can hand over your electrical equipment/batteries at the end of life easily and free of charge.

Consumers play a substantial role in electrical equipment and battery treatment system. It is the consumers who decide what to do with the appliance/battery at the end of life. Obsolete and unnecessary electrical equipment and batteries do not belong to the mixed communal waste but they shall be handed over at the collection sites, so-called take-back points from which they can be further dispatched for re-use or recycling.

The consumer shall be informed by means of the below-stated symbols that the respective electrical equipment/battery does not belong to the mixed communal waste. All the new electrical equipment and batteries are marked with the symbol that can be placed directly on the equipment, it’s packaging, in the user’s manual, or in the warranty certificate.

How to get rid of an obsolete appliance or batteries?

  • using the publicly available collection network of the REMA companies designed for take-back, please refer this link
  • using the publicly available collection network designed for take-back, please refer to this link
  • you can place an order and get a small collection container for batteries for households, so-called FamilyBox, that you can dispatch using the service re:Balík once it is full
  • you can use the re:Balík service for quantities inferior to 10 kg
  • you can use the BUĎ LÍNÝ  (trans. „BE LAZY“) service for quantities superior to 10 kg
  • you can hand over your equipment in the place of sale
  • you can consult the available possibilities at our toll-free Clever recycling line +420 800 976 679

Why recycle?

Not only electrical equipment but also batteries and accumulators contain various recyclable metals like zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium, or plumb. At the same time, some of these compounds, especially mercury, plumb, and cadmium, can be very harmful to the environment and human health. Batteries are usually marked with symbols of the chemical element(s) contained inside the battery (Pb, Cd, Hg). 

By handing over batteries and electrical equipment at the take-back points, you can assure its material recycling and thus preserve primary raw materials and protect the environment from the effects of unprofessional and potentially harmful treatment of the waste.

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