Reservation of any type of resources


Explore how the reservation process works

Four basic Reservation steps

In advance, reserve the workplace, parking space, and meeting room using CUE Assist.

Use the kiosk, overview, and navigation for a convenient and quick wayfinding.

Confirm your reservations upon arrival using your mobile device and QR code scanning.

Check the room status and reservations on the reservation panels.


Reservation components

What our solution consists of

Reservation application

Planning & reservation tool for shared resources. It reserves meeting rooms, workspaces, parking spots, lockers, etc.

Outlook addin

The CUE Addin integrates room, workstation, parking, and other shared resource reservations with Microsoft Outlook.

Interactive kiosk

The interactive kiosk displays the status of various resources, searches for locations, and shows the way to the selected destination.

Reservation panels

Interactive displays for meeting room reservations offer many functions that simplify room management.

Reservation interfaces

Compact and price-effective reservation units indicate resource status and allow quick ad-hoc reservations.

Overview unit

The graphic player for the kiosk app and reservation overview offers various user-customizable layouts.

Users have the capability to

Key technical features

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