Scan, navigate, explore indoors

CUE Navigation

Welcome to the CUE Navigation app,
your guide to quickly navigating unfamiliar environments using QR codes strategically placed throughout the building. 
Whether your target destination is specific, like a meeting room or doctor’s office, or general, like an exit or restroom,
the CUE Navigation web application makes navigation stress-free.

Prepare for your journey

in just two simple steps

Scan the nearest QR code

to start the application and determine your current location.

Select your desired target location.

.. and there you have it!

You’re now equipped with the knowledge to reach your destination.

Navigation process

Follow instructions

Follow the path outlined on the map, guided by clear navigation instructions.

Scroll & zoom the map

Scroll and zoom the map as needed.

Adjust your location

Adjust your location anytime during navigation by scanning a  QR code.

Start new navigation

Use the Reset button to clear navigation and start a new entry anytime.

Main features

User interface languages​

The user interface of our software is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, catering to a diverse global audience. To ensure that users from various linguistic backgrounds can navigate and utilize our web application with ease, we have incorporated a comprehensive selection of languages for the user interface.








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