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Whether in governmentaljudicial, or local municipal settings, CUE’s versatile system transforms operations across reservationsmanagement, and the increasingly essential field of navigation.

Within every entrance hall, your employees and visitors will appreciate the information kiosk with multifunctional capabilities, along with a large screen featuring integrated overview. This not only provides insights into ongoing meetings but also enhances overall visitor and employee experiences.

Our system goes beyond, offering services such as live streaming of public municipal council sessions, recording individual meetings, and additional AV-related functionalities.

It also allows the conducting of centralized oversight of all rooms in the building and efficient management of technologies across all spaces (e.g., centralized shutdown of electrical devices at night, including rooms where employees may have forgotten to turn off certain equipment).


When citizens visit government offices, they can use indoor navigation through their smartphones without installing an app or entering login details. By simply scanning the QR code, they activate the application, input their starting location, and then choose the department where they need to handle their agenda. If they deviate from the selected route, they can easily update their location by scanning one of the QR codes distributed throughout the building. The navigation can be a helpful guide even for less mobile citizens, as it efficiently finds an accessible route.

We provide a seamless solution for workplaces that redirect clients to other departments as part of their request processing (e.g., to the cashier, where they pay the relevant fee and then return to complete their request). Citizens can scan a QR code with their smartphones, instantly launching navigation instructions from the relevant department to the cashier. Meanwhile, officials can focus on processing received documents or handling other tasks instead of explaining directions to the cashier.

Meeting spaces

Streamline your presentations with our intuitive one-touch control, simplifying the setup process. Manage all technical equipment in the room seamlessly from a single panel, including audiovisual technology, projectors, monitors, DVD players, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, window blinds, and more.

Customize your lighting environment with pre-set light scenes for the desired mood. Ensure a smooth experience with remote control of rooms in case of technical issues, and benefit from automated diagnostics for timely servicing. Experience the convenience of our simple yet comprehensive reservation solution tailored for your specific needs.


For courtrooms, CUE provides tailored solutions. For example, our system allows for recording all crucial proceedings, controlling voting devices, audio, lights, dimming, and other AV technologies directly from a single touch panel.


For employees, our system offers a straightforward parking space reservation from the comfort of home. Expecting a visitor? No problem. You can simply reserve a spot for them from your account.

For guests, we provide easy navigation from the parking space directly to your office. After the meeting, visitors won’t struggle to find where they parked. Our navigation will effortlessly guide them back to their vehicle.

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