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Reservation application

KB uses reservation application CUE Assist

Commercial bank uses the CUE Assist app to reserve meeting rooms.

Reservation panels and overview

KB uses reservation panels & overview

Commercial Bank (also known as KB) is a banking institution operating in the Czech capital market, mostly owned by the French financial group Société Générale. It serves approximately 1.7 million customers in the Czech Republic. At the end of the year 2021, the company employed 7,538 employees, had 241 branches, and operated 857 ATMs.

Our complete workspace management & resource scheduling ecosystem touchONE was applied throughout the building. It perfectly complements the chosen Microsoft communication platform with Skype for Business on-premises as its communication tool & Panasonic conference room screens, which are all fully compatible with CUE products.

The icing on the cake is the deployment of our Info kiosk, which:

  • Helps with orientation in buildings,
  • Searches for users, rooms, workplaces, and other resources by different criteria,
  • Displays floor plans for better orientation and way-finding.

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