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Elevate your hospitality environment in hotels and conference centers with CUE’s versatile solutions. A welcoming kiosk in the entrance hall aids visitor orientation, while a large screen at reception provides clear insights into meeting room usage and conference schedules, ensuring seamless navigation and event participation.

Hotel resorts and conference centers benefit from a variety of our technologies tailored for a wide range of spaces, including small meeting rooms, larger educational spaces, and grand conference halls. Each space has specific equipment and usage requirements, and we provide solutions for all of them. With CUE, operators can control all the technical equipment in a room on one panel (audiovisual technology, projectors, monitors, DVD players, lighting, heating, air conditioning, window blinds, etc.).

We offer intuitive control of room technical devices with minimal controls, smooth presentation processes, preset lighting scenes, and one-touch automation (for instance, pressing a button labeled “PRESENTATION” puts the entire room into presentation mode – activating the projector, unfolding the projection screen, switching AV inputs to the presentation computer, adjusting suitable lighting conditions, etc.).

To prevent technical issues, you can utilize remote and automated diagnostics, supporting timely service interventions. In case of an ongoing problem, your technical center can remotely assist the presenter by adjusting everything in the room through remote control.


Navigating through a complex building to reach an important lecture or conference on time can be challenging. CUE navigation saves your visitors from these stressful moments. Upon entering the building, they can scan a QR code to activate the navigation app with their current location. They select the lecture hall from the list, add it to their route, and easily follow the navigation instructions to their destination.

For larger events with a simultaneous influx of participants, you can avoid reception queues by displaying QR codes in entrance areas. These QR codes enable visitors to start navigation with pre-set starting and ending points on their mobile devices.

Even guests staying in complex hotel buildings or extensive resorts will find it convenient to input their room or suite number at the reception for easy navigation guidance to their accommodations.


Visitors are provided with easy navigation from the parking lot to the building entrance and throughout extensive conference complexes or hotel resorts. No more wandering or searching for your car after the conference – our navigation effortlessly guides you back to your parked vehicle.

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