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Window drapes, blackouts & window treatment

The control system can automatically manipulate window blinds according to the intensity of sunlight. This helps to regulate illumination and temperature in the room. In summer, it can reduce the cost of air-conditioning in rooms subject to direct sunlight. The system ensures that window blinds and awnings are retracted, protecting them from damage in case of strong wind. 

Security, monitoring & camera surveillance

Thanks to the switch panels of the control system, you can also control the intruder security systems. This means you do not need a separate keyboard for the security subsystem – all you need are the switch panels of the control system. The system can thus turn on the Presence Simulation when you leave and turn on the alarm, or send you a message in case of any alarm. In addition, thanks to the touch panel of the control system, you can monitor anything picked up by the security cameras mounted in your house. In this way, for instance, you can keep an eye on your children playing around the swimming pool.

Heating, ventilation & air-condition

The control of heating and air-conditioning maintains thermal comfort while reducing energy consumption and therefore, costs – all at the same time. It is possible to program suitable temperature modes for various days of the week or various times of the day and establish an economy mode during your vacation. Heating and air-conditioning can be controlled for each room independently

Lighting automation

The control system enables you to control lighting by selecting appropriate illumination levels suited for a given type of activity. For example – if you are watching TV, the system sets up all lights in the room so that they don’t disturb the picture while still maintaining adequate light levels for the room. The lighting can be changed automatically, depending on the time of the day.

Multizone audio & video control

With the help of the touch panel or keyboards, you can play your favorite music or turn on your chosen TV or radio program, setting the volume to the desired level. The control system can automate these procedures for you. For example, it can turn on the news in the bathroom after you get up, switch on relaxing music when you come home, etc.

Home theatre control

The control system enables you to automate and simplify the operation of home audio-visual technology, eliminating the use of multiple remote controls. By pressing a single button WATCH MOVIE on your touch panel, the TV, DVD player, and audio system automatically switch on. The appropriate inputs are selected, lighting in the room is set to the desired light mood and if it is sunny outside, the curtains are drawn.

Personalized sequence of actions

The control system can automatically carry out preset actions as required by the user. For example, after you come home and turn off the security system, the control system can switch on the lights and heating and play the background music. TV news is switched on at precisely the right time. The system can also record your regular activities during the day and use these data to simulate your presence in the house during your absence, thus discouraging uninvited visitors.

Automated entryways & gate control

The connection of gates, doors, and windows to the control system facilitate automated unlocking of doors when you come home as well as automated locking when you leave. If you forget to close any windows, the system will remind you. 

Remote access to all home systems

You can access your home remotely via Internet, cloud, or SMS text messages. Your home website will enable you to monitor the current state of your house including interior and exterior temperatures, turning on the heating, recording your favorite TV program, or watering the lawn.

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