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Facilitate seamless navigation for students and visitors on school and university campuses with CUE’s user-friendly kiosks and navigation system. Display building plans and instructions on the kiosk screen, accompanied by a QR code that opens a multilingual mobile navigation app, assisting them in easily finding their way to classrooms. In inactive mode, the kiosk can showcase school updates.

Visitors can effortlessly navigate the campus using the intuitive indoor navigation, guiding them to classrooms, refreshments, the library, restrooms, locker rooms, or exits. The system ensures ease of use, requiring no app installations or login credentials to initiate navigation.


Enhance the educational environment in classrooms. Experience streamlined control over audio-visual equipment, lighting, and HVAC systems, simplifying the overall operation.

Achieve centralized supervision across all classrooms in the building, ensuring efficient management of technology. The system facilitates centralized control, allowing for tasks like the comprehensive shutdown of electrical equipment at night, even in rooms where faculty may have inadvertently left devices active.

Effortlessly manage classroom bookings, offering both simple and advanced reservation solutions to meet diverse scheduling needs.

Lecture halls

In large lecture halls, the CUE Control streamlines the operation of various AV technologies through a user-friendly touch panel. This includes controlling microphones, adjusting sound systems, operating matrix switchers, managing video cameras, and overseeing light effects – all from a single, ergonomically designed interfaceFor venues with movable walls, the system enables the flexible zoning of AV technology, facilitating the division of the lecture hall into multiple rooms as needed.

Additionally, the CUE Control efficiently manages the distribution of audio-visual signals among several lecture halls, ensuring a seamless experience for both presenters and audiences. 
Moreover, the system provides a user-friendly reservation solution, accommodating both straightforward and intricate scheduling requirements for lecture hall usage.


At the beginning of each semester, students face the challenge of navigating through various buildings where classes are held. With CUE navigation, students can preview their route to classrooms or lecture halls in advance, reducing the stress of moving between different blocks of classes in multiple buildings when time is limited.

Upon entering a building, they can scan a QR code to launch the navigation app with the current location already entered, and all that’s left is to choose their destination from the list of classrooms. The navigation will then guide them step by step to their destination.


For teachers, our system offers an easy parking reservation from the comfort of home. Whether expecting a speaker from another university or company, you can conveniently reserve a spot from your account.

Upon arrival, our navigation aids visitors in finding their way from the parking lot to specific classrooms, offices, or other desired destinations. Simply scan the nearest QR codechoose your destination from the list, and receive step-by-step instructions on how to get there.

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