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CUE System Design and Programming


09.01.2024 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET)​


10.01.2024 18:30 UTC (19:30 CET)



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Course description

If you are a novice in CUE System programming, the Cue System Design and Programming class is dedicated just for you. Cue System Design and Programming is a must for a complete novice in Cue System programming. During the two-day course, you will receive thorough information on CUE products and learn how to program the Cue System.

If you have taken the Cue System Design and Programming course and have programmed many CUE Systems, you can take CVC Advanced Training.

The training is divided into 4 Sessions in two days. Each day 2 sessions with 1 hour pause in between sessions – each session approx. 2,5 hours.

At the end, the attendees can pass the final test. Those who succeed will be awarded a CUE System Certificate.

Duration: 2 days

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