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Simplify office planning for your employees with our reservation system. Whether reserving parking spaces, workstations, or meeting rooms, it’s effortlessly done through our web application or Outlook add-in.

Our lobby kiosk enhances navigation, displaying floorplans and directions. A QR code on the kiosk opens our multilingual navigation app on your mobile phone, facilitating easy navigation to meeting rooms and spaces.

The overview screen provides real-time insights into meeting room usage, ensuring everyone stays informed about space availabilityStreamline your office experience with our comprehensive solutions.

Meeting spaces

Meeting rooms


Training rooms

Empower your meeting spaces – be it a boardroom, training room, or any other – with streamlined control through a single panel. Manage all technical equipment, from audiovisual technology to lighting, heating, window blinds, and more.

Simplify reservations as employees can book spaces, save favorite locations for quick access, check their availability via floorplans or timelines, and order refreshments through our system. Features like confirming reservations and auto-canceling unconfirmed bookings reduce no-shows.

Install reservation panels at meeting room entrances for real-time updates on availability and events. Employees can effortlessly book, extend, or cancel meetings directly from the panel. Enhance efficiency further with the possibility of installing occupancy sensors identifying room presence. Elevate your meeting space management for a seamless and productive experience.


Reserve workspaces seamlessly by allowing your employees to search and select a workstation adjacent to a specific colleague.

Data insights

Unlock the power of data with our analytical tool, offering valuable insights into the utilization of physical spaces. Seamlessly collect reservation data to make informed decisions about meeting rooms, office layouts, workplaces, parking spaces, and shared resources.

Maximize efficiency and optimize your space allocation. The tool facilitates easy data export to Excel or Power BI, enabling comprehensive visualization and in-depth analysisElevate your decision-making process with data-driven insights, ensuring a more efficient and effective use of your workspace.

IT and facility management

Empower your IT staff and facility management with our user-friendly front-end web application, enabling centralized control of the entire system. Manage calendar servers, users, resources, parameters, control units, sensors, firmware upgrades, and more in one place. Enjoy complete flexibility in configuration, putting administration directly into the client’s hands.

Say goodbye to additional costs for administering changes and updating user lists, floorplans, and more. Our system accommodates diverse preferences, offering deployment as a cloud-based SaaS solution or on-premise installation – ideal for companies with stringent IT security policies, such as those in the banking industry.

Technological infrastructure

Modernize your company’s technological systems with CUE. No more disparate mobile controls that don’t communicate with each other. With us, you get an integrated control system that connects and manages many supported technologies.

If security is a priority for you, we provide the ideal solution. Our control panels link and synchronize security, monitoring, and access systems under one management. With CUE, you have complete control at your fingertips.

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