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Sport centers

Simplify the reservation process for individual sports venues in your sports center with our intuitive reservation system and user-friendly app. Empower your clients with easy access while maintaining control under your administration.

Navigate effortlessly through the facility using our QR code-based navigation system. Locate changing rooms, specific sports venues, or facilities seamlessly. Your journey is just a QR code away, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both clients and staff.


Discover a hassle-free audiovisual solution for your exhibitions at museums. Our automated AV control system, incorporating tailored lighting and interactive elements, simplifies the presentation process, leaving you and your visitors in awe of its simplicity.

Navigate through the museum effortlessly using our QR code-based navigation system. Locate refreshments, find restrooms, or explore specific exhibitions effortlessly, ensuring an enriched and enjoyable experience for both you and your visitors. With CUE, transform your exhibitions into captivating and smoothly operated showcases.


Bid farewell to complex searches for departure gates, refreshments, or restrooms at airports. Simply scan the nearest QR code, and voilà! Navigate swiftly and stress-free to your departure gate, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Trust in our navigation system to guide you efficiently through the bustling airport environment. Your journey starts with convenience.


Offer visitors a stress-free experience from arrival to departure with our user-friendly navigation system. Easily find your way from the parking lot to the building entrance, eliminating the hassle of wandering around after sports and cultural activities. Our navigation ensures a swift and straightforward return to your parked car, enhancing the overall comfort of your visit.

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