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Does your polyclinic or hospital offer a wide range of services and medical expertise? Make a lasting impression on your clients with a clear display of department locations and important announcements on a large screen at the reception.

In extensive complexes or buildings with intricate corridors, orientation can be challenging. A kiosk in the entrance hall can assist your visitors in navigating the facility, allowing them to easily locate amenities like restrooms or specific departments, medical specialties, or even individual doctors. The kiosk provides detailed information on office hours, contact numbers, and more.

By scanning a QR code, visitors can activate mobile navigation, guiding them step by step to their chosen destination. Our application’s multilingual support is especially valuable for institutions serving an international clientele. During idle times, the kiosk can display crucial information or advertisements, adding another layer of engagement for your visitors.


Empower your visitors with seamless navigation on their mobile phones, eliminating the need for app installation or login details. Simply scan the QR code, input the starting point, choose the destination, and they’re good to go. In case of any detours, visitors can easily update their location by scanning other strategically placed QR codes within the facility. Our navigation system caters to the needs of less mobile patients, ensuring a smooth experience even for those requiring barrier-free routes.

For emergency departments and similar units that often redirect patients to different facilities, such as radiology, our solution offers a simple and efficient wayNurses in emergency departments can focus on crucial tasks while patients use their smartphones to scan a QR code, activating navigation from the emergency department to the radiology unit.

Patients in inpatient wards can enhance the experience for their visitors by generating and sending a URL link with a pre-set route from the entrance to the specific ward where they are hospitalized.


Our system ensures hassle-free parking reservations for hospital staff, allowing them to reserve a parking spot anytimeanywhere. In emergency situations, doctors can swiftly reserve a parking space using our app before heading to their duty.

For patients and visitors, we offer straightforward navigation from the parking area to the building entrance. No more wandering or searching for your car after medical appointments or visits. Our navigation guides you effortlessly and swiftly back to your parked vehicle, ensuring a seamless parking experience.

Back office management

Empower your team with our reservation system, enabling them to effortlessly reserve parking spaces, workstations, meeting rooms, or other shared resources and explore our reservation features.

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