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Indoor navigation for employes in the headquarters building

KB, a.s. | Member of Société Générale

Quite a lot of employees from other office buildings in Prague and from other regions come to our office building in Stodůlky. Currently, there are about 130 meeting rooms and various other places that employees don’t even know about in the Stodůlky building. When they arrive at Stodůlky, of course, they don’t know exactly where the particular meeting rooms are located. For this case, we have a large navigation panel downstairs in the reception area where they can find the meeting room. We also have an indoor navigation where they enter their current location by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone and the navigation then easily leads them to the desired meeting room.

Tomáš Talaš, Head of Employees Services, Komerční banka

Examples of used scenarios

Personal meeting in the café

Find the meeting room

Indoor navigation for visitors

Mikulov Town Authority

The aim of the new indoor navigation by CUE is to make it easier for citizens to find their way around the building, as our building consists of two old buildings with different floor layouts and it is quite difficult to find your way around. The navigation works on a mobile phone and the citizen just scans the QR code of the entrance door and then chooses a destination and the navigation itself already shows them which way to get to that destination.

Miloslav Novotný, Municipal Authority Mikulov

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